GPS 12: 2023 Season

4.22 (SAT) @ 7:30 • WAHID • Oud + Percussion
5.6 (SAT) @ 2:00 • The Harpworks Ensemble
10.14 (SAT) @ 2:00 • Michael Morton

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Saturday 4.22.2023, 7:30 p.m.
The Mystical and Healing Sounds

Dimitris Mahlis, oud / Chris Wabich, percussion


The duo known as Wahid is bound to a rich cultural history of ancient civilizations and melodies, incorporating instruments that were first documented on clay tablets and papyrus scrolls. By adding personal modern elements, a new style of music is created that looks to Byzantium and the Levant for melodic inspiration.

Wahid is a dialogue between two unique voices that brings together boundary-crossing approaches to composition and improvisation that defy genre. Chris and Dimitri have collaborated for over 15 years in world music and jazz contexts. Their musical kinship has evolved into a rendering of melodic and soundscape-driven events that inspires the lives and imaginations of its listeners.

Dimitris Mahlis is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in the Los Angeles area. Since coming to LA, Dimitris' skills on oud, guitar and other stringed instruments have led him into a rich variety of performing and recording experiences.

Chris Wabich is known around LA as a versatile and original voice on percussion and drumset. recently chris played Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage", a stage production of the album, produced by Gail Zappa. he was music director for "both" a production of beatles music, and "the existents" by Ty Taylor (rock star INXS). he founded the trio, "paris troika" based in NYC, who has headlined at the blue note, iridium, zinc bar, Scullers, and toured russia. His upcoming projects include, discs with bernard woma, explosive singer J'nae, and jazz legend mark murphy.


All Compositions by Dimitri Mahlis

Dimi's Kurdi
To taste the moon
A love supreme
Moon nets 
Steal the bride
Tears of the Syrens

* There will be a reception following this event.