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Gateway Gallery
Mar 13 - May 31, 2010

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Saturday, March 13, 2010 4pm (Opening Reception)

Gino Ng: A Journal of Light (2003-2009)
A Photo Exhibition
3/13 ˇV 5/31 6/30 (extended!)

Gallery hours: Sunday noon-2pm or by appointment
Free Admission

Notes by Gino Ng
On July 20th, 2002. I grabbed my backpack, a Nikon FM2 camera, Tashi Tseringˇ¦s The Struggle for Modern Tibet, Yukio Mishimaˇ¦s Runaway Horses, and a copy of Lonely Planet that set off to Tibet, with the against of many people at the same time. Just one breath of that impossibly crisp and clean air, 3,650m above the ground, made me see many things with new vision. That was the trip that changed my life. Since then, I still journeyed with my FM2 everywhere and captured the ˇ§lightˇ¨ I saw along the way.

Sometimes I think memory is like a fine bottle of red wine ˇV it needs to be kept and stored up for many years before it acquires a true savor, a deep resonance.? Some days later, I tried to revisit those impressions and thoughts, with less of a direct perspective, but more distance and detachment brought about by the passage of time.? Finally, I can share my experiences as a third person, experiences that have been stored and carefully preserved for the past few years.

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